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Trilogy Catamaran Kaanapali Snorkel

Trilogy Catamaran Kaanapali Snorkel



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Ka‘anapali is ideally located for enjoying sailing, snorkeling, and whale watching. And it is the only location where Trilogy actually picks up and drops off guests directly from the beach. Some of the best Maui snorkel sites are only a few miles away and our crew will choose the best destination for that day. Trilogy has an experienced and dedicated crew that are masters of teaching first-time snorkelers, and if you're an old pro and want an underwater experience that goes beyond snorkeling, you may want to try SNUBA, one of their most popular upgrades.

Trilogy provides all the snorkeling equipment and instruction, as well as wetsuit tops for everyone on board. Trilogy doesn't skimp on meals offering a delicious breakfast, BBQ chicken lunch, soda and snacks, adult beverages, and that personalized service you've come to expect. With those famous Maui tradewinds just a few hundred yards off shore, the Trilogy crew wastes no time in hoisting sail and getting into some serious sailing! Even if you are not staying on or near Ka‘anapali beach, the later morning departure gives you plenty of time to make the drive from any part of the island.

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Trilogy Discover Ka'anapali Catamaran Snorkeling

Trilogy Catamaran Kaanapali Snorkel Adult

Trilogy Discover Ka'anapali Catamaran Snorkeling

Trilogy Catamaran Kaanapali Snorkel Teenager (13-18)

Trilogy Discover Ka'anapali Catamaran Snorkeling

Trilogy Catamaran Kaanapali Snorkel Child (3-12)

Trilogy Discover Ka'anapali Catamaran Snorkeling

Trilogy Catamaran Kaanapali Snorkel Infant (0-2)

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IIncluded with Tour:
- Snorkeling equipment and an optional SNUBA upgrade
- For safety purposes, we require our passengers to wear a type of flotation while snorkeling. Trilogy offers two comfortable options for guests to choose from.
- Personal Instruction.
- Wetsuits for everyone on board.
- Whale Watching December - April.
- Breakfast with Mom's homemade cinnamon rolls & fresh fruit.
- Trilogy's famous teriyaki BBQ chicken lunch.
- Non-alcoholic beverages and chilled filtered water.  
- For guests ages 21 years and older, two adult premium beverages are included on the return sail!


Bring your swimsuit, towel, non-aerosol sunscreen, sun protection and a light jacket or sweatshirt for the early morning. This is a barefoot sail but if you prefer to wear shoes we recommend deck shoes or rubber-soled shoes. For more details on sunscreen, please refer to our blog post, IS YOUR SUNSCREEN REEF SAFE?  Bring your swimsuit, towel, and non-aerosol sunscreen, and sun protection. You may want a light jacket or sweatshirt and we recommend wearing deck shoes or rubber-soled shoes.

We only except credit cards for any on-board upgrades. 

PLEASE NOTE - You will be loading directly from the beach, through the water, onto the boat and you will get wet. Please place your cell phone and camera in a dry bag. Make sure to check out our video: Trilogy loading on Ka'anapali Beach during medium shore break


Mom Coon's 4th generation recipe cinnamon rolls, fresh seasonal fruit, fresh brewed Kona coffee, tea, hot cocoa & pineapple juice.

Trilogy's famous teriyaki BBQ chicken lunch. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals are available only upon request when booking your reservation.   Non-alcoholic beverages and chilled filtered water. - For guests ages 21 years and older, two adult premium beverages are included on the return sail!.

Your Safety

≈Here at Trilogy our goal is to make your Trilogy Adventure in Paradise both educational and entertaining, but above all, we are committed to making your day with us the safest day of your vacation! All our vessels are USCG (United States Coast Guard) certified and ocean tested sailing catamarans that we designed and/or built ourselves specifically with you in mind. Your safety and comfort were critical considerations in the design and building process. Every vessel, as well as all our land based operations, carry emergency oxygen as well as Emergency AED’s. In addition, our captains and crew maintain current certifications in CPR and First Aid and adhere to USCG regulations. Also, all vessels carry slicker gear for each passenger in the event that the wind and seas kick up during a passage. If you can keep dry here in the tropics you will usually stay warm and comfortable as well.

Our crew are also there to help while guests enjoy Hawaii’s amazing ocean marine life. Whether you are snorkeling at the surface or enjoying a SNUBA dive underwater, our crew are there to supervise, educate, and assist you. Besides having a crew member to lead guests on snorkeling tours of the reef, you’ll also find a crew member on top of a surfboard ready and able to assist you if you in case of trouble. In addition, every snorkeler is provided with a BCD (Buoyancy Compensator Device) regardless of their ability. Some swimmers think this limits their mobility—the truth is the opposite happens. The BCD can be worn uninflated or partially inflated and in many cases guests find that the BCD provides them with extra flotation when they need it while keeping them warm at the same time! And yes, it can get a bit chilly in the winter, so in case you get cold our Discover Molokini and Discover Ka‘anapali trips offer partial wet suits for both snorkelers and divers that provide both safety and comfort.

While safety is our number one priority, remember that we can’t do it without your help. Whether you are out on the water with us, or off adventuring on your own, here are a few important rules to keep you safe:

1. ALWAYS hold on to something while moving aboard a vessel. Wind and sea conditions can cause a vessel to move in unexpected ways at unexpected times when vessels are underway and even when they are at anchor. So

remember to always use at least one hand to support yourself while moving around and avoid those unnecessary injuries.

2. ALWAYS use the buddy system when venturing into the ocean. Having someone to keep an eye on you (and you on them) while out in the ocean is one of the best ways to stay out of trouble. The marine life here in the

islands can be mesmerizing, but by taking a moment every couple minutes to look up and verify your buddy is still nearby will ensure you both are safe and have fun.

3. If in doubt, don’t go out. Snorkeling can be a dangerous activity, so whether the seas are rough, the wind is strong, or you are unsure of your physical abilities, it’s always better to wait until you are comfortable before going into the ocean. If you have any pre-existing health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, seizures, and cardiovascular problems, we recommend you consult a physician prior to entering the ocean- whether with us or on your own.

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