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Four Winds Maui Molokini Snorkeling Catamaran

Four Winds Maui Molokini Snorkeling Catamaran

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Recommended For All Ages

The Four Winds II is the only snorkeling tour in Hawaii that offers a real Glass Bottom Viewing Room where you actually can sit inside and enjoy a 180 degree view, both in front and below you. This is a great option for those that cannot snorkel or swim. Even grandparents that are unable to join in snorkeling, but still want to be part of the fun, can enjoy the trip. You'll feel like you are sitting right on top of the water! No other boat to Molokini can compare to the Four Winds II, and no other trip offers you the fun-packed experience of our classic Morning snorkel tour!

Open Monday thru Sunday!

Four Winds Snorkeling Catamaran Molokini Crater

Four Winds Maui Molokini Catamaran Adult

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Four Winds Snorkeling Catamaran Molokini Crater

Four Winds Maui Molokini Catamaran Child (3-12)

Four Winds Snorkeling Catamaran Molokini Crater

Four Winds Maui Molokini Catamaran Infant (0-2)

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  • Tropical Breakfast
  • BBQ Lunch
  • Open Bar
  • All Your Snorkeling Gear
  • Expert Instruction
  • Waterslide
  • Glass Bottom Viewing Room
  • 2 Spacious Decks
  • 3 Boarding Ladders
  • Lots of Marine Life
  • Turtle Watching
  • Seasonal Whale Watching
  • See Boards (similar to a large boogie board but equipped with a built-in view port)
  • Boogie Boards
  • Optical Masks
  • Fresh Water Showers
  • Sport Fishing Equipment
  • Vistas of Maui's Coastline and Other Islands
  • Cool Fish Tattoos for Kids
  • And More!

SAFETY FIRST: Your safety is important to us! Each of our crew members are Red Cross certified and excellent swimmers. While snorkeling, we make sure there is ample crew, both in and out of the water, for your assistance and safety. We also have a certified scuba diver in the water for those that SNUBA.

WHALE WATCHING: From December 20th - April 20th, this trip additionally features outstanding humpback whale watching action!  Also, during this time of year, we are unable to utilize any of our sport fishing gear because of the whales.

Snorkel sites are selected at the discretion of the captain. We always attempt to reach Molokini when prevailing weather and conditions permit.


Four Winds II - Glass Bottom Viewing Room


Room Size: 65 Square Feet
Panels: 3/4 Inch Thick Lexan
Underwater Viewing: 180 Degrees
Location: Inside Port Hull, Below the Waterline
Access: Ladder-Style Staircase

Maui's Unique Glass Bottom Boat

Four Winds II is the only vessel on Maui to have a glass bottom viewing room that you can actually sit in!  While other boats are only outfitted with a simple viewing port, they do not offer the 180 degree, total-immersion experience that sitting in an actual room, with glass below and in-front of you, provides!. It’s almost like sitting directly on top of the water!

When it comes to a non-swimmer, young child or grandparent, that is able go up and down the ladder-style staircase, there is nothing that can compare to our glass bottom viewing room, for providing them a great way to take a glimpse under the water without even having to get wet!  Even those who have apprehensions with snorkeling, and questions about "what's below", can simply sit, relax and watch from the safety and comfort of this unique room!  And this is no small room either!  Our glass bottom room can accommodate three to five kids and a few adults all at the same time.

No Other Like It On Maui!

Sometimes, when the opportunity permits, our underwater diver will give the lucky people inside the room a show too!  Our diver can even capture photos or video from outside looking in. Because the glass bottom room is inside the port hull, just below the waterline, an experienced swimmer or snorkeler can do a shallow dive and swim-up and say "aloha" to family or friends that may be inside the room.  In fact, there is no better photo opportunity than the expression on your child's face when they look through the glass, for the first time, and see the fish or even watch mom or dad snorkel or SNUBA.  And for the grandparent (or non-swimmer) who wants to be "part of the action" but does not want to swim, this gives them the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of watching the family snorkel.

We had this unique glass bottom feature specially incorporated into our boat design in order to provide everyone a chance to see and experience what is below the amazing underwater world of Molokini and Coral Gardens.  This is just another one of the many reasons why the Four Winds II is the boat for everyone!

The Four Winds II - Maui's Favorite Catamaran!


Style: Custom Power Catamaran
Boat Designer: Morrelli & Melvin of San Diego
Boat Builder: Shaw Boats - Hoquiam, Washington
Construction: Cold-Molded Wood and Fiberglass

Measurements: 55ft. Long, 30ft. Beam, 4.5ft. Draft

Added Features: Shaded Upper Deck, Enclosed and Shaded Lower Cabin, Swim-Steps, Waterslide, Glass Bottom Viewing Room, Onboard Video Production Equipment, Television Display, Surround Sound System, Two Marine Heads (Toilets), Full Galley, Wet Bar, Twin BBQ Grills, 3 Boarding Ladders
Safety and Technology: USCG Safety Floatation Devices, Radar, Satellite Beacon, Depth Finder, Marine-Band and Cellular Communications

Speeds: Cruising Speed of 12 Knots (about 14mph)
Power: Twin 3126 Caterpillar Engines (providing 375 HP)
Capacity: US Coast Guard Approved for 149 Passengers

Designed For Snorkeling!

Four Winds II was designed especially for Molokini snorkeling and built with family fun in mind.  She offers something for all ages and the Four Winds II can be enjoyed both by swimmers and non-swimmers alike. For those that don't feel like snorkeling, you can slide down our waterslide or soak up the sun on our two spacious-decks.  But, when it comes to snorkeling, the Four Winds II has everything you could ever wish for!  She offers multiple ways to enter and exit the water and her fresh-water showers will rinse off the salt-water and provide you with a refreshed feeling when you are back onboard.

But it is the Four Winds' crew, and their true "spirit of aloha", that really make her come to life and shine!  We pride ourselves having the best crew on Maui!  They love what they do, are well-trained in water safety, and are very knowledgeable with marine life, facts about the island and sailing in Hawaiian waters as well.  Because Four Winds II is a boat for families, our crew is extremely skilled with accommodating a variety of ages.  From the very young to the "young at heart", our crew is there to serve everyone's needs.  One thing for sure, our crew is dedicated to provide everyone onboard with absolute fun! 

Additionally, the Four Winds II is the only vessel with a Glass Bottom Viewing Room that you can actually sit in. This unique feature provides you with a 180 degree view (both in front and below you) of the undersea world.  This is a great way for non-swimmers and young children to enjoy the feeling of being in the water even if they cannot swim or do not want to snorkel.  There is nothing else like it on Maui!

Once onboard, you'll soon discover why both Maui's visitors and local residents consider her to be the favorite choice when it comes to snorkeling Molokini and Coral Gardens.

Frequently Asked Questions
We want your Maui snorkeling experience to be the very best and your boat ride, aboard the Four Winds II, to be pleasant, comfortable and enjoyable. To ensure you have the best time possible, we have compiled answers to some questions that our reservationists are often asked. We are also more than happy to answer any and all questions over the phone or via email too!

Our knowledgeable and very friendly staff is available from 7:30am to 7:30pm (Hawaii Standard Time). So please call us, during those hours, and you can personally ask us your own very important questions. We consider every single question important!

However, have a scroll-through the questions and answers we have assembled below and hopefully we have answers to what questions you may have...
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Boat & Trip


Marine Life

Food & Beverages

Medical & Well-Being

What To Bring



Onboard Etiquette

Safety First!

We firmly believe in making sure that you and your family are safe while you enjoy all the snorkeling fun!  Each of our crew members are Red Cross certified and excellent swimmers. While snorkeling, we additionally make sure there is ample crew, both in and out of the water, for your assistance and safety. We also have a certified scuba diver in the water for those that SNUBA.

Stellar Crew!

Ultimately it's our crew that gives the Four Winds II its personality.  They really know how to make sure that every passenger, especially the kids on board, gets the attention they deserve and that everyone has fun! And our crew loves kids! They know how to ensure their safety and each crew member goes all-out when it comes to making sure that everyone is having a great time! Even our Captain gives the kids a chance at the helm and take turns at driving the boat when the opportunity permits. How cool is that! A fun crew and Four Winds II will make your family's Maui snorkeling tour a truly memorable experience!


Yup, we have a waterslide onboard, for kids and adults to enjoy!  Slide down and it will shoot you out into the clear blue ocean waters! This fun feature is just one of the things that adds to the fun on the Four Winds II.  Once off the slide, there is a swim-up staircase, located on the bow of the boat not far from the slide, that makes it really easy to get back onboard to go down the waterslide again for another splash!

Glass Bottom Viewing Room!

No other boat has this!  And our Glass Bottom Viewing Room is always a hit with kids and families! You do not even have to be a swimmer to get the sensation of being right in the middle of the snorkeling action, when you sit in safety and comfort and see all the amazing underwater sights. Click here to read more about this cool feature.

Fun Food!

While other boats may serve fancier fare, the Four Winds II serves up a hearty, all-American, barbecued, delicious, lunch! And we BBQ right onboard!  We believe that a fun trip should feel like a summer's day picnic out at sea every day! Nobody goes hungry with tiny portions on our boat! This is one of the reasons why so many families, who return to Maui year-after-year, choose the Four Winds II, again and again, for their preferred snorkeling adventure. Our BBQ is just simply yummy! So delicious, in fact, that over the years many of the crews from other boat companies, moored nearby, have actually swam-over to the Four Winds II to get some of our BBQ lunch for themselves. Now that says something about our food!

Added Gear for Kids!

Four Winds has free use of kids-size masks and snorkels, kids-size wetsuits rentals (available at our onboard rental store), free use of view port boards (like a boogie board but with a glass port built in so you can see what is below without even getting your head wet), float boards, water noodles, and free snorkeling instruction for kids.

SNUBA for the Whole Family!

For a nominal added cost, we offer SNUBA for kids and adults. This is a blast for the adventurous kid that wants to experience this incredible activity. It is totally safe and unlike scuba, it does not require certification or wearing heavy and cumbersome gear. In fact the whole family can do this activity and it is something that can really make your family's Maui vacation memorable. Check out more about SNUBA here.

Cool Fish Tattoos!

Yup, if you like, you can even show-off your Four Winds II pride with a free, hypoallergenic, temporary tattoo! Our super-fun puffer fish tattoo is a real hit with kids and well, yes, even with the adults who are still kids at heart too!

Four Winds Is Truly The Boat For Family!

From the very young, to the young-at-heart, Four Winds is the boat for the entire family and anyone of every age! All of us at Maui Classic Charters truly recognize how precious each and every moment you have with your children and family are and we know how valuable your vacation time is too! We work hard to provide your family with a trip, and the excellent experience, that will create memories to last a lifetime!

Add SNUBA to Your Adventure!

There's no-better way to see the wonders of Maui's coral reefs! So don't miss the opportunity to SNUBA and add it to your adventure! This exhilarating underwater experience can be added, for only $59, to your Four Winds II adventure. While the boat makes way to the daily snorkel destination, our professional instructor will guide you through a short (usually 15-20 minutes is needed) onboard instruction - lesson in the use, techniques and procedures of SNUBA.

When you arrive at the snorkel destination, you are ready to get wet and start your SNUBA fun! Our SNUBA experience (in the water) lasts approximately 20-30 minutes. It is safe and you are not alone when you go! You are actually accompanied by a Scuba Diver - Instructor that is dedicated to overseeing your safety and assistance. But, the Scuba diver is not just there for your safety... They are also there as your personal underwater group guide. They will point out and even introduce you to many of the wondrous marine life that live at these destinations. Since most or Maui's snorkel sites have depths of 10 - 35 feet, SNUBA is a great way to really see all of the marine life that abounds under the surface.

So, while most others are snorkeling on the surface, you can be one of the lucky few that are right in the middle of all of the wonderful sights and up-close to see turtles, colorful corals, colorful fish and other exiting forms of marine life. You really get the most of any snorkel destination with SNUBA! Plus, we still provide you with enough time to snorkel too!

SNUBA is Easy and Safe!

All our SNUBA instructors are Licensed and also Certified Divers. You are assured to be in good hands and under their watchful care at all times!

SNUBA was created for those who enjoy the simplicity of snorkeling and would like to experience the wonders of breathing underwater. SNUBA is a unique, patented, shallow water, diving system that bridges the gap between snorkeling and scuba diving. SNUBA is safe and easy and does not require certification. To do SNUBA you should have strong swimming skills and previous snorkeling experience is helpful. There are some medical conditions that may preclude being able to SNUBA. So, you should discuss any concerns which you may have, with your SNUBA instructor when you are on board the boat. It is easily accessible to couples, families, children (8 years and older), and even seniors. This is truly a unique experience to try!

Simple As One, Two, Three!

  1. Participate in a 15-minute safety briefing; learn how to use SNUBA and what to expect during your guided tour.
  2. Get geared up for SNUBA with your mask, fins, weight belt and SNUBA harness.
  3. Swim, breathe and explore the underwater world of Molokini or Coral Gardens (at your level of comfort) with your highly skilled and certified SNUBA Guide.

Like Scuba, But Without the Hassle!

SNUBA is quite a bit different from scuba! Although they both share in providing you the ability to breathe underwater, SNUBA does not have the learning curve or equipment issues of its distant-cousin, Scuba. SNUBA divers breathe underwater by means of a long air line which is connected to a standard scuba tank. The tank is mounted on a raft that floats on the surface that follows your every movement. During the dive you are never more than a few feet from the security of the raft floating on the surface.

The air line is secured to your body by means of a special harness that you wear that prohibits the regulator (or mouth piece) from pulling away from you. The airline allows you to tour underwater near the bottom, at mid-water or on the surface depending on your level of comfort. There is absolutely no heavy or cumbersome diving gear that you have to wear. Plus, there is none of the classroom or studying necessary like in SCUBA. Within minutes, anyone (that is willing) can be on their way to enjoying the exhilaration of breathing underwater and enjoying the sights that are missed when snorkeling.

Easier Than Snorkeling!

  • SNUBA allows you to explore a 3 dimensional world you cannot enjoy while snorkeling.
  • You breathe through a simple to use regulator while your air supply floats on a comforting support raft at the surface.
  • Enjoy at any depth–– surface, 2 feet, 10 feet, 20 feet… SNUBA is experienced at your own level of comfort, and your SNUBA Guide will be with you throughout the entire tour.

Enhance Your Four Winds II Trip!

You will really get the most out of any of the snorkel destinations that Four Winds II services and enhance an already amazing experience even more when you choose SNUBA as an option. The reefs we SNUBA at have beautiful and abundant marine life and so much of it is below the surface (at depths of over 10 feet) of the water where the average snorkeler cannot reach on a single breath of air or stay down for an extended period of time to really enjoy it.

Discover the exciting underwater world of Maui with the ease of SNUBA. It is safe, fun and easy to do! SNUBA sells-out quickly once people see just how fun and easy it is. So, be sure you reserve your SNUBA adventure ahead of time. This way you'll secure the opportunity, and not miss out, since SNUBA is limited to small groups (2 separate groups of 6 for a total of 12 people) on each daily charter.

Reserve In Advance!

Maui Marine Images

Maui Marine Images is a team of professional underwater photographers and marine naturalists that provide a variety of services including camera rentals, portraits and videos. They strive to offer the guests aboard the Four Winds II a variety of high tech, cutting edge, methods of entertainment and products to remember their trip aboard the vessel. The photographer will be with you on the boat and in the water as they take stunning portraits and video of you and your family. Afterwards you will be entertained onboard by a display of still images and video on the large TV monitor in the shaded cabin while the Four Winds II makes her way back to the harbor. During this presentation you’ll have a chance to see what the photographer captured and created, as well as learning about the marine life. This has become one of the highlights of the trip for many of our passengers. Because they utilize high quality video cameras and high resolution digital still cameras, the images are better than you could capture yourself, making this service invaluable and worth the price.

Professional Portraits

Maui Marine Images is proud to offer very high quality underwater images of our guests while they are in the water snorkeling, snuba diving, enjoying the sea boards, kids in the glass bottom, etc. taken by one of our professional photographers. These photos are shown as a slide show on board so guests can enjoy seeing photos of themselves and their families as well as a collection of marine life that we’ve encountered. Still images have become more popular recently due to their usability. The high-resolution JPEG images of the guests and the marine life are available to take home. These images can then be printed, used as screensavers, scrap-booked, emailed to friends or family, or posted on social media sites. The underwater still images that we take of the guests aboard the boat and the beautiful marine life have become the most popular item we offer!


The DVD digital video created onboard each trip is jam-packed with all of the trip's best moments! From the very beginning of the trip, our onboard videographer begins capturing the action, events and personalities on deck. Once we reach the snorkeling and snuba destination, the videographer dives in with SCUBA gear to capture the action below. The videographer diver makes their way around to you, as well as others, and ensures that the marine life that showed up that day gets their place in the spotlight too. Once the snorkeling is over, the videographer begins editing and compiling the video footage, adding narration or subtitles, and adding music creating a storytelling entertaining video of that trip. This video is shown on the way back to the harbor for everyone to enjoy. What a great way to take home all the memories of your trip! Another format of video available is video clips. These high definition individual video clips, (MPEG4), are becoming increasingly popular because now our guests have the ability to create their own video at home using the footage that we have shot, or better yet they can post the video footage of themselves snorkeling or diving on social media for their friends and families to enjoy!

Video & Photography Services Offered AM TripPM Trip
Professional Video of Your Trip - 1 DVD $40 $35
Still Photos of Your Trip - 1 CD $40 $35
Go Pro Rental $40 $40
Combo Package of Photo CD & Video DVD Varies Varies

For Digital Photos:  1 Photo CD with loads of high-resolution images, (JPEG), of marine life and your photos from the day.

For Video: 1 DVD (multi-platform compatible), of your actual trip, as it was shot, published to DVD right onboard the boat, set to music with narration or subtitles and inserted into a full-color slip case.

For Video Clips: 1 DVD of the high-definition video clips, (MPEG4) of you and your family as well as marine life clips that you can post online, or assenble with your other Hawaii vacation footage.

Underwater Digital Camera Rental

We also provide waterproof, high-quality, Sony digital camera rentals onboard the Four Winds II. We have customized specific settings to make sure the camera provides you with the best quality photos for our environment. These cameras are capable of shooting both still images and video and are easy to operate. The underwater camera rental fee is only $40 and that additionally includes camera-instruction, plus all the images and video you shot transferred to a CD. Now that is a deal! These cameras will work both above and below the water, so you can capture all the action onboard the boat as well as all the amazing marine life you will see while snorkeling. The images and video you can capture with these cameras will certainly add lots of "wow" to your Facebook and YouTube pages!

  • Rental Fee $40 (Includes CD)
  • Sony Cyber-Shot Camera
  • 14.1 Mega-Pixels
  • Specialized Marine Housing
  • Shoots Photos & Video
  • Professional guidance included
  • Underwater Flash
  • Zoom Lens for Close-Up Shots
  • 2 GB Memory Card
  • Auto Focus & Auto Exposure
  • Can shoot images and video both above and below the water.