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Jet Ski Maui at Kaanapali Beach with Pacific Jet Sports

Jet Ski Maui at Kaanapali Beach with Pacific Jet Sports



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Must be 18 or older with current
driver’s license to drive alone.
15 to 18 unlicensed may drive with licensed adult,
under 15 may ride as passenger only.

A Maui jet ski rental is the perfect activity if you have some extra time while you are on Maui. With typical ride times of 30 minutes or one hour, you can make your Maui jet ski rental in Kaanapali- Lahaina and still have plenty of time for lunch and other activities. After meeting at the Kaanapali Beach, a three minute boat ride is all it takes to reach Jet Ski Island, our private island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is where your Maui jet ski rental begins. Once you’ve been fitted for a life jacket and been given a thorough briefing covering our riding area, safe riding practices, and operation of your machine, it’s time for your Maui jet ski rental.

Available every day from May 16 through December 14

Jet Ski Maui Ka'anapali Beach Family Activity

Jet Ski Maui 1 hour Ride

Jet Ski Maui Ka'anapali Beach Family Activity

Jet Ski Maui 1 hour Early Bird Special (8 - 10 AM)

Jet Ski Maui Ka'anapali Beach Family Activity

Jet Ski Maui 1/2 hour Ride

Jet Ski Maui Ka'anapali Beach Family Activity

Jet Ski Maui 3 Day - 1 hour per day

Jet Ski Maui Ka'anapali Beach Family Activity

Jet Ski Maui Additional Rider / Observer

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The Waverunner XL-700 jet skis are capable of making tight, agile turns at high speeds while offering smooth handling even for beginners riders. After you complete your paperwork and get fitted with your life jacket, you are ready for an unforgettable Maui experience. Zoom around the 100-acre play area on your own jet ski or share with your friends and family. Photo and video packages are available so the memories can last for years.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Your jet ski rental includes free instructions, so if this is your first time, relax – Riding a jet ski is FUN & EASY!! – You are going to have a blast and anyone can do it, non swimmers and physically challenged too. We want to teach you! When you get to the Jet Ski Platform, we will make you feel comfortable with your machine and provide you with simple instructions so you can get the “most” from your rental time! This will include: A thorough description of the riding area itself including it’s boundaries (100 acres), starting and stopping your jet ski, steering and handling your jet ski, how to avoid other jet skiers on the course, how to get back on your jet ski should you fall off, returning to the jet ski dock when your ride time is over.

It’s fun and easy so here we go!!!!

For starters…HOP ON! We’ll attach the engine’s emergency shut-off clip to your life jacket. This clip is a precaution to ensure the engine is killed automatically should you fall off your running jet ski. Next, a jet ski steers like bicycle. Just push the handlebar left or right to turn. Finally, the “gas pedal” so to speak is simply a lever that is pulled when you put your right hand on the handlebar (you squeeze it with just your index finger). That’s it! Once you are comfortable with the safe operation of your jet ski and you have no further questions, your instructor will slide you away from the jet dock with you aboard and….AWAY YOU GO!!!! Your rental time begins now.

These are truly high performance machines so be careful not to floor the throttle at first. A minute or two is all it will take for you to feel comfortable and in total control of all that horsepower!!

If for any reason during your ride you do fall off (which can happen by making real sharp turns at high speeds) don’t worry, your jet ski will shut off automatically once you enter the water (a warm 80 degrees year round). Plus, there are no propellers on a jet ski, they are propelled by a jet of water so if your passenger falls off, they needn’t worry about any propellers that can hurt them when you turn around to pick them up-there are NONE! Just climb back on from the rear of the machine via the ladder bars we’ve installed, reattach the key, press the green button to go and your off and running again!!! We will signal you when your ride time is over and have you return your jet ski to the side of the jet dock where it is padded for a safe and easy landing. We will be standing there guiding you in ready to hear how much fun you’ve had! A couple of driving tips we can give you:

Any jet ski (including ours) will steer and handle better once you are going at least 7 -8 MPH.
At 10 MPH (and up), they will track through the water beautifully with the precision of a finely tuned race car!
If you feel like you don’t have total control steering, it probably means you just need to speed up a little bit.
Another tip is to give your jet ski gas through the turns, it helps your machine keep it’s momentum and you more balanced. (don’t back off the throttle in the turns, they don’t coast, they would just slow down!)
Now that you know how easy it is, COME RIDE WITH US!!!!!


Always stay 100 yards or 100 meters apart. Be sure to stay aware of your surroundings at all times when you are riding your jet ski. A complete lesson and safety briefing is given. Everyone must wear a lifejacket. Your rental time won’t begin until you start your machine. There is no rush, no hurry. Rental time begins when you start your machine. Anyone can do it, non swimmers and physical challenged.

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