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B&B Scuba Diving Molokini / South Maui Shoreline

B&B Scuba Diving Molokini / South Maui Shoreline

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Recommended for 12 years and older
Bring certification card.
No flying, helicopters or traveling to elevated
heights within 24 hours of diving.

B&B SCUBA INC. runs a brand new Armstrong 40 ft. dive Catamaran. This very stable, fast boat has 2 fresh water showers, camera table, dedicated camera fresh water rinse, and a marine head. Diver / Instructor ratio is the best on Maui.There is also seating for 10 in the cabin area alone. The name of the new boat is the "KILIKINA II". Sign-up and see what the newest, fastest boat on Maui has to offer!

Your adventure departs at 5:45am and returns by 10am. This takes advantage of the incredible early morning conditions; quiet winds, glassy water and fewer crowds. This also has you back on solid ground with the majority of your day ahead.

After you exhaust your first tank at Molokini, second tank dive sites often include Red Hill (Little Beach), St. Anthony’s Wreck, White Rock, 85’ Pinnacle and 5 Graves (Turtle Town). Although these sites may be lesser known, they consistently deliver world class diving in a picturesque setting. A full service dive shop, B&B uses well-maintained, quality equipment where safety is paramount.

Open Monday thru Sunday!

B&B Scuba Diving Boat Molokini Crater

B&B Scuba Diving Molokini 2-tank Dive

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B&B Scuba Diving Boat Molokini Crater

B&B Scuba Diving 1 tank Introductory Dive

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Dive Boat Details:

B&B SCUBA INC. runs a brand new Armstrong 40 ft. dive Catamaran. This very stable, fast boat  has 2 fresh water showers, camera table, dedicated camera fresh water rinse, and a marine head. Diver / Instructor ratio is the best on Maui.There is also seating for 10 in the cabin area alone. The name of the new boat is the "KILIKINA II". Sign-up and see what the newest, fastest boat on Maui has to offer!

Where we launch:

Their dive trip begins with a 5:45am check-in at the Kihei Boat ramp, ( we leave early to beat the wind and crowds!). Please see our Directions Page for driving directions.

Where we Dive:

Normal profile for a 2 tank Certified diver dive trip is the first dive at one of the many sites at Molokini and the second along the South Maui Coast with the Green Sea Turtles. All Sites depend on the weather. B&B also offers a 1 tank Introductory dive for non-certified divers, this takes place at the second location with the Green Sea Turtles. All dives include the use of tanks, weights, masks and fins. ( BC, Regulators w/computer, and Wetsuit are 5 dollars extra for each item).

Light snacks and beverages.


BB Mission

Our Mission: B&B SCUBA INC. goal is to service the Diver with the most professional experience possible. We do very little advertising and count on our customers word of mouth to keep us going. We have been in business for 19 years and at least 60 % of our business is repeats ! We treat our customers as friends and family. All of our Staff has excellent knowledge of dive conditions and try to fit the diver within their experience level. We would rather cancel a dive then to go in conditions that are not favorable. We put safety first and make sure our groups are small. Even on boat dives our ratio of guides to divers is the best on the Island. Try us out and see what keeps customers coming back for more!

Brian Netzel on 2016-12-10 11:59:46
I've been diving Maui for twenty years with at least 5 different operators and B and B is the best. From introducing new divers to the sport to keeping it interesting for the people with hundreds of dives on Molokini, they are the best. They provide just the right level of supervision - not much for the experienced divers, enough for newbies to feel confident. As a former working divemaster, I watch the crew. I watch them lead, I watch them watch and assess their divers. I know by watching this crew they are always on their game. Whether you're just wanting to try a discover scuba dive or want to dive with somebody who can find the critters, this is the place for you. And the food and drinks are great too!
Robyn Sloan on 2016-08-28 23:25:33
In all my dive boat experiences I've never had coffee waiting for me when I boarded the boat at 5:45 am. The homemade chocolate chip cookies after the first dive were followed up by turkey sandwiches after the 2nd dive and both were great! The staff members were professional and the gear in excellent condition. They gav me just enough freedom to thoroughly enjoy my dives. Thank you for 3 days of great dives
Mandiy Eaton on 2015-12-17 19:14:06
my husband and I booked our wedding/honeymoon in Maui. We had all of our excursions planned and paid for. We were so excited. Unfortunately, bad weather in Detroit held us back a day. Our flights were rebooked 4 times before we actually reached our destination. As soon as we were sure that we would not be in Maui for our booked scuba excursion on Dec 6 (still experiencing flight delays), we called B&B scuba to try and rebook. We called approximately 36 hours before our excursion. We did not receive any response from the voicemail that we left. Several hours later, we emailed them and explained again that we were stranded in the mainland and would be at least one day late getting to Maui due to flight delays and would really like to rebook with them. The owner (Brad) emailed us back and said that because we gave less than 48 hours notice, he was charging us the full amount for the excursion and refused to rebook with us. I emailed him again and attempted to rebook this excursion and explained that it was extenuating circumstances..they would not even respond to the email and charged us the full amount.
Robbyn Stone on 2015-09-18 12:02:34
Gary, Devon and I had a great time last week, can't wait to come back. Very professional,safety conscious, and helpful crew. Enjoyed our dives and the boat snacks! Was great to see the turtles too. Will dive with next time we come to Maui.
steve and mary lou love on 2014-10-05 21:13:28
Many thanks to the B & B crew for making our Molokini Dive Trip the absolute highlight of our Maui stay. We were here over 20 years ago and were so pleased to see that this famous divesite is still amazing. Our trip was 9-4-2014 and we left the dock at about 6AM and were one of the first groups to get in the water. Awesome dive. Very professional crew and were friendly and helpful, without being pushy. The equipment was top notch and the boat perfect for our group of 12. And yes, we would do it again in a heartbeat and B & B would be our choice. Oh and by the way, those fresh turkey sandwiches on that sweet Hawaiian Bread and fresh pineapple was sure a treat! Best wishes to all the crew and we hope to see you again...but hopefully we won't have to wait another 20 years!
Todd Richenberg on 2014-09-23 16:09:04
the best dive I have done. Dave was our dive guide and was outstanding in finding interesting things to see. the whole crew was outstanding. I would recommend this dive shop to everyone.
Zac Stempson on 2014-03-08 15:52:17
I've been scuba diving with B&B Scuba since 2007. When I go to Maui, which I do almost every year, I only reserve dive trips with B&B Scuba in advance. My reasons for doing this are simple: First and foremost is that B&B Scuba has the most attentive Dive Masters, Captains & Crew I have ever experienced....Hands Down! Brad and Blesi (owners) are involved daily with the inner workings of the business. Extreme attention to detail is obvious whether in the water, on the boat or at the shop. I am a small business owner/commercial truck driver and know the importance of safety and maintenance when running equipment. B&B has a custom made, top of the line dive boat that is a pleasure to simply cruise on while watching whales surface and the sunrise over Haleakala. I must also mention that if you are interested in seeing the most spectacular under water sites, critters and creatures, there is not a better, more knowledgeable outfit on the island. Over the years I have dove with many scuba outfits throughout the Hawaiian islands, Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. I have never dove with a more professional fun loving group of people! I live and dive in Northern California, but I always look forward to diving Maui with B&B Scuba. Diver Down....Zac Stempson
Julie & Bob Chapko on 2013-10-11 18:20:34
It's simple. They are the BEST in Maui and the only shop we dive with because they care about their divers -- making sure we have an outstanding time with them and because we (literally) trust them with our lives. The Captains (Dan & Billy) are excellent and we absolutely adore their dive leaders/masters -- Brad, Stan and Eric (hoping Dave returns soon!) We also appreciate the "education" on the sites and what we'll see and what we saw -- we learn something new almost every dive from these experts!
Mark Robinson on 2013-07-08 09:37:38
We had a good dive with B&B. I had done a lot of preliminary research (mostly on TripAdvisor) about the right dive company to use around Wailea, and B&B was the obvious choice. We were attending a corporate event at the Four Seasons, and several friends were able to hook onto the same dive with us. We were able to get an early morning van from the hotel to the boat ramp, and made it clear to everyone that B&B leaves early in the morning, with or without us if we don't get there on time. True to their word, we pulled out right on time, and made it out to Molokini well before most other dive boats, which made for a much better dive. The captain, dive masters, and whole crew were good about making sure everyone was well prepared for the diving, equipment was top notch. Second dive we saw some great undersea life (turtles, etc.). We were back before lunch, with lots of time to hang at the beach!
Sea Turtle up close and personal
Ralph Turre on 2013-07-03 19:12:47
Since moving to Maui my wife and I typically do shore diving because of the added expense on boat dives. We finally broke down and went with a couple friends on a boat dive with B & B to Molokini and a drift dive at Red Hill. The staff was great, rates were reasonable, and the dives were excellent. I was able to photograph some of the critters I was unable to obtain photos of from our normal shore dives. My wife has since made me promise to take her on at least one boat dive a month - with the B & B crew.
Dragon Moray Eel at Red HillGilded Triggerfish at MolokiniHarlewuin Shrimp at Red HillRedbarred Hawkfish at Red HillBlacktail Snapper at Molokini
Justin Lallemand on 2013-06-17 20:27:08
Badass trip. Awesome crew, sweet ship, wicked captains like DAN, went out twice and saw different wildlife each time. All the guys on board are funny and knowledgable. They know how to show a good time and the price is way better then anyone else I checked out on the entire island. Awesome sandwiches and I will definitely be back. I'd say it was the staff that brought us back, just instantly my kinda people, very awesome. Mahalo
sam greinstein on 2013-05-27 00:28:34
We have done all of our certifications with B&B and would not go to anyone else. We have done many dives with them and each one is amazing and unique! The boat captains Dan and Billy are very knowledgeable and friendly. Billy always makes sure you are having a blast. The dive guides stan dave and especially eric always ensure you see something extraordinary. Eric was our guide and the shore dive we did was the best dive I have ever been part of. We found Godzilla Billy!! Thank you so much brad and everyone at B&B, we are lifelong customers and friends!!!

Carolyn & Dave Ellingwood & Bateman on 2013-05-03 19:16:38
We got open water certified 8 years ago at B&B and have dived with other companies on different islands as well as in Fiji over the years. There's no comparison, B&B is the gold standard!! They are the best dive company on the islands!! Brad and Blessie are a class act . Their staff is the best of the best for safety, experience and fun. Boat captains Bill and Dan (he's really a merman, ask him) are real pros who will teach you more about safety and diving than you knew possible.And yes, they are both master divers! That's important!! Stan is a great instructor who loves diving. Dave is not only an outstanding instructor , he is a good friend and funnier than you can imagine!!! The newer instructors Eric and Josie have proven themselves to be cut from the same mold as the others. We have dived with all four instructors and feel confident and safe with any of them. They make sure safety comes first with lots of fun,laughs and plenty of amazing sites to see! We can't say enough good things about the people and equipment at B&B. BTW their boat IS the fastest ,safest and best diving boat anywhere in Hawaii. We only dive with B&B. I (Dave) am 67 years old and trust B&B without hesitation!! I'll be diving with B&B for years to come!!! They truly care about you as a person and will do everything humanly possible to make sure you go home with a smile on your face and the WOW factor in your heart!!

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